eBay or Stay: Korg SQ-10

Korg SQ-10
Korg SQ-10

The Korg SQ-10 is a 3-track analog sequencer that uses rotary knobs to set the value for each step. In this manner, a sequence of 24 notes + 12 control values can be programmed. The sequence length is determined by patching one of the gate out jacks beneath the step to the sequence reset input. The third track is used to provide modulation data to the destination synth and runs in parallel with whichever track (A or B) is currently running.

Three different playback modes are available:

  1. Play track A through and stop
  2. Play track A followed by track B and stop
  3. Alternate playing channel A and B continuously

It’s about the same size as the Korg MS-20 without the keyboard, 35x20x10 cm and certainly looks impressive with knobs, jacks and flashing lights galore.

Use the CV from the third track to modulate the Tempo CV in (if you dare!). Use it to provide CV for effect processors, or analog synths acting as such. Use the whole sequencer to control the light show. Use it in a dark room and bliss out.

Clock in, Sequence reset, Sequence start/stop, Single step, Tempo CV, 2xAudio in (a small active mixer!)

CV, 14xGate (2 channels + 1/note), Audio out (mixer)

It’s an analog sequencer, meaning you have instant Tangerine Dream trance-inducing sequences at your fingertips. Also, each track has individual portamento control and the CV range is switchable between +1V to +5V meaning it can control various old gear.

Since the knobs are not quantized or in steps, fine-tuning each step can be a nightmare when programming a pitched sequence, and to make matters worse, the values change over time as the unit gets warmer! Sure, it’s great fun in combination with an old MS-20, but in reality, it’s too expensive today considering what it has to offer.

Thanks to Peter Cassidy for additional info

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