Pocket Operator Cheat Sheet

PO-14 Cheat sheetI found the official user guide somewhat lacking, and I could for the life of me not find consistent information on the different Key  and Style  effects.  So, I created a small cheat sheet for the Teenage Engineering PO-14 “Sub”, that I find useful to have beside me when using it. Most important was to illustrate the different effects (I tried my hardest to give descriptive names, but some are just a bit difficult to describe, so apologies in advance), and I also included a few of the shortcuts I have the most difficulty to remember, along with the various somewhat cryptic sync modes. I hope this can be of use for someone else, and possibly even if you have the other models – I intend to create similar sheets for the others once I have them.

I love my PO-14, and now I find it even easier to use.


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