LEGO stand for KORG gear

So someone posted a link to a person who created a Meccano stand for their Korg Volca units (sadly, the link is nowhere to be found now) and that got me inspired. I don’t have a Meccano set anymore, but I still have my old Lego 8860 Technic set so after some basement exploration, I started building. I haven’t built anything with a useful purpose (other than for fun) with LEGO since I was a child, so this brought out all kinds of memories. I soon found that time passes quickly when you get absorbed by something, and I eventually forgot about dinner during my quest to build a stand for a Volca Beats, Sample and a Korg SQ-1 that would actually be useful.

And I did eventually succeed! Granted, it’s not the most beautiful construction in the world, and I had a few design attempts that fell over when tested, but the final design is sturdy, easy to move, and for some reason both the Volcas and the SQ-1 align perfectly with the standard LEGO width, meaning that they almost snap into place. A nod to Korg engineers for designing to LEGO specs 🙂

Click for bigger pictures below!


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